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The Inver Grove Hyundai Team

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Mitch Greene
General Manager

After his time serving in the military, Mitch went into car sales sometime after being credited to having the skills to be an effective salesman.  Since then, he has worked in Carousel's corporate sector for over two years before becoming the General Manager of Inver Grove Hyundai in May.  It may not be the army, but the path of a salesman carried an exciting living for Mitch, as he not only enjoys the thrills and new obstacles, but he has a desire to please the customers he works with.  When the day is done, Mitch finds himself committing his time to guitar playing, playing basketball, poker, and even horseback riding.  For Mitch, there is never a dull moment on the clock and off.



New Cars

Bob Erickson
New Car Manager

Bob has been Inver Grove Hyundai's General Sales Manager for thirteen years, and has always displayed the importance of teamwork.  He does his best to insure his team get results, and customers leave satisfied with their brand new vehicle.  The constant obstacles and challenges stray from a monotonous work environment, and Bob welcomes these challenges.  On his spare time, he's out golfing or coaching his kids on the various sports they play.



Used Cars

Chris Hunt
Used Car Manager

Chris has been the Sales Manager for Inver Grove Hyundai for the past five years. He values building relationships with both his sales team and his clients. He thinks there is never a dull moment in helping clients make their second largest purchase, after their housing! Chris keeps his exciting escapades on a roll with hunting, and he is a huge football fan.




Hanafy Mahmoud
Sales Associate

Fourteen faithful years and still going strong, Hanafy has made it his daily goal to provide families with the right car that fits their needs both financially, and recreationally.  A family man and a car enthusiast, he has a sharp understanding of what is the perfect vehicle for any customer who is fortunate to have him at their service.  His work certainly doesn't keep him from being with family, or being active in his children's sporting activities.  He always shows care and determination in helping every customer he meets.  One thing that people can expect when working with Hanafy is that he greets them with a smile.  


John Amos
Sales Associate

Adam Tomerlin
Sales Assosiate

Being a salesman certainly carries risk like any other job, and Adam lives for excitement the unknown brings.  He has been a sales associate for over a year and loves his position that he could spend days just interacting with different people, and help them find the car they've been searching for.  He tackles challenges with confidence, and always makes sure his customers are satisfied knowing they chose a superb salesman to help them find the car they want, along with the excellent service.   


Thomas Robinson
Sales Associate

Thomas has been a sales associate at Hyundai for over five years, and always strives to give it his best everyday.  He lives for the interaction with customers and building relationships with them, as it is his goal to see them walk out of a long day at the dealership happy with their purchase.  When he's not working with people, he's cooking a mean dinner, because being a salesman can sure work up an appetite.


Mike Said
Sales Associate

Mike has a passion for meeting people and helping them find a perfect vehicle for them, and he has nine years at Hyundai under his belt to show he has a talent for selling and connecting with people.  He loves to be a part of a customer's experience, and has a sense of accomplishment to see them walk out of the dealership, happy with their new vehicle.  He understands the difficulty people may have when buying a car, and he is determined to help make it an easy as well as enjoyable process for them.  With a love of literature and classical music it is all about the experience for Mike.

Nickolai Podvin
Sales Assosiate

A real people person at heart, Nickolai believes what makes a good salesman is to connect with the customer, and find a vehicle that is dependable and affordable.  He is incredibly social and loves meeting new people, and help them take the next big step in their life.  On his spare time, Nickolai dedicates his talents on composing music, and keeps his sanity intact by keeping active with friends and film.  A great listener with an honest approach to sales voids any nervousness any customer may have.


"Hutch" Hutchinson
Sales Associate

After serving nineteen years as a security guard, Mike decided that he wanted to follow a different direction in his career.  So, he got off the next exit and chose to work for Inver Grove Hyundai as a Sales Associate.  He enjoys learning about what people look for in a vehicle that fits their needs, and works diligently to find that perfect vehicle.  Mike gives it his best everyday with a confident attitude, and finishes off his day by feeding his mind with the limitless knowledge of history.


Ashley Malenke
Sales Associate

Ashlee made the transition from Hyundai's receptionist to Sales Associate due to her enjoyment of interacting with people, and not always having to sit still all day.  She chose sales because she wanted new challenges to break the monotony of the daily work routine.  She makes sure to prioritize spending time with her niece and nephew while working hard to offer the best help to her customers.  Ashlee does a fine job with making the process of buying a vehicle simple as well as enjoyable.




Dave Meling
Service Manager

Paul Vang
Service Advisor



Vang Yang
Parts Manager

Kent Coulson
Counter Parts

Johnny Bombardo aka "Johnny B"
Parts Runner

Carl Swanson
Parts Runner



Lisa Wolters
Finance Manager

To Lisa, Inver Grove Hyundai is like a home away from home.  Not just because of the long hours and hard work she accomplishes, but the people that make it all worthwhile.  After fourteen long years, Lisa considers her fellow co-workers as family; all working together as a team to insure their home stays afloat, and their patrons happy with the services given to them.  This makes Hyundai a different place to work with endless challenges and meeting new people.  After a hard days work, Lisa spends her time with her family, and out on the boat for some well deserved R and R.


Justin Dosall
Finance Manager

A good natured and patient finance manager who used to be a drill sergeant; qualities that completely contradict each other in every way, but Justin manages it.  He has been with Inver Grove Hyundai as its finance manager for two years.  Everyday is met with a new challenge, and Justin is always two steps ahead of the game.  Meeting different people is what help keeps the day enjoyable and interesting for Justin, and not just the complexities of finance and math that forces the first person narrative into these bios to express my loathsome distaste for complex mathematics.  Justin is a family man first and finance manager second (at least I hope that's the correct order), and after a long day at work he spends time with his loved ones or puts his focus on motorcycle restoration.   


Pam Dollens
Title Clerk

Brian Bartyzal

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